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5 Tips for Photographing Babies: Toronto and Durham Region Newborn Photographer

Hey everyone!  Hope you all had a fantastic New Year's?  Thought I would start the New Year off with 5 useful tips for photographing babies.   So how many of you new parents got a nice new camera for Christmas?  I'll bet there are a lot more of you than you think!  Planning on taking lots of pictures of your baby right? Not sure where to start?  Well here's a bit of information and some helpful tips for you. Whether you are moving from a P&S (point and shoot camera) to a SLR here are a few things to consider.

1. Your babies " Happy Times" and Identifying them:

If you haven't already found out, babies like routine. Eat, sleep,poop and crying...right?  Try to keep on track when baby is most settled and content.  Although your newborn may not be smiling right now (other than gasssy smiles!) now is a great time to capture moments.   These moments could be just after bath time, feeding or while cuddling etc.  Find out when these are and go from there.

2.  How to capture: Document vs Portrait:

Wanting to documenting your babies "firsts" is only natural. A first bath, first time meeting the grandparents, first car ride etc. These everyday moments are those that we take for granted and are often over looked  when we are busy and on a tight schedule. Having your camera on hand helps to make sure that these precious times are not missed.  If you prefer the look of a portrait photograph instead, then your style and set up will be different. Watch your angels (see tip #3) as well as bearing in mind the happy times. Anybody can take a portrait,however one that evokes emotion and is not just a candid snapshot is so important.

3.  Finding the right angle:

Right from the beginning, babies are wrapped up from head to toe. Swaddled and usually pink, or a little on the red side.  Some babies experience jaundice too.  A babies skin is SO sensitive.  Don't  forget that they have been in water for the last 9 months!   A few other things to consider is if there are any marks, scratches or temporarily misshaped heads that occurred during birth.  All of which are completely normal and go away in time.  So it's important to find the most flattering angle.  How do you do this?  By getting down low. Even if this means lying on the ground :)  get close, and don't be afraid to try something new.  A photograph can seem more intimate when you get close.  This could mean by you physically getting closer to your subject (ie: baby) or by adjusting your focal length.

4.  Pick your moments: (goes hand in hand with happy times)

Typically between the ages of 1-10 days your newborn is little and doesn't move too much. This is my favorite stage to photograph, since they grow and change so fast.  During this stage, babies are very sleepy.  They are easy to curl and when in a deep sleep and are generally pretty content.  This is such an important time to photograph.  Pay attention to the little details, try not to cut off any features, ears,nose,head,fingers etc.

5. Keep shooting:

Babies change every single day!  It really is quite amazing.  But if you were to actually go "looking" for these changes you will be disappointed.  They are often so subtle that we don't notice them at all.  Until there is a lapse of time in between.  Try taking photographs of your little one on a weekly basis.  You will be amazed at what you notice.  A great example is the changes in growth from week one to week 6.  Keep practicing!

It's also important to remember balance. Know when to put the camera down and when to document memories of your new baby. Let's face's and dad's need some time out too.  Enjoy your baby and support each other in doing so. Parenthood is one of best clubs to belong to. Enjoy the ride!

Have fun and all the best for the New Year!

Till nest time,