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Ajax,Durham Region,Whitby Photographer Petra King:: Tiny Light Foundation

So what did YOU do this past weekend?  Get caught up with the family, running errands, housework and family time?  Yup same here :) BUT I also spent some of my time with such a wonderful family in Whitby. You see we got connected via the wonderful new non profit foundation I am proud to be a memeber of: The Tiny Light Foundation.


Sunday morning I shared it with a sweet happy and adorable little boy named Liam. Here's Liam's story! (*used with permission)

"When we discovered in October of 2008 that we were expecting our 3rd baby, we never could have imagined what was in store for us. At 20 weeks pregnant, we learned Liam would be born with a cleft lip and palate. We were crushed! We didn't know then, but Liam had more surprised for us. By the time I gave birth, we had come to terms with Liam's cleft diagnosis and realized it was something that could be 'fixed'. On June 18, 2009 our third son Liam made his appearance into the world. When Liam was 5 weeks old we were told he had bilateral PHPV, a rare eye condition leaving him blind in both eyes. What seemed insurmountable a year and a half ago seems almost 'normal' to us now. I can't imagine my life any other way! Liam has taught us so much in such a short time. We truly see the world in a different, more positive way. It's been a difficult road, one which we never could have imagined we'd be taking, and I'm sure to many when I say we're so blessed it may seem strange - but we are! Dave and I have been together for 13 years and married for the past 8. We have 3 sons together Lukas, 6 years; Brady 5 years; Liam 18 months, as well as Dave's son Nathan, 16 years. We have our ups & downs, but really - don't we all! Liam truly is a 'tiny light' - he brightens the hearts of every person he meets! He's had 14 surgical procedures in just 18 months of life. He's a strong little boy and he fills me with a little more pride each and every day!"

Liam clearly stole the show yestarday morning.  I knew our window of capturing some images of him in his home would be small, BUT as you can see he's such a sweet little guy and what a ham! I love it :)

He has 3 loving sweet older brothers and what a handsome bunch they are. Just look at those rockin' mohawks! Kristina,Dave thanks very much for welcoming me yestarday.  It was a pleasure and a special thanks for the thoughtful gift you sent me home with Kristina. So sweet of you. Not needed but very gracious!

Looking forward to seeing you all again in spring/summer for a family session outdoors.

Here are a few images of your Tiny Light.  What a ray of sunshine he is indeed!

Meet Liam.

Love this one..