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Are you expecting? :: Newborn Photography and things to consider

First of all allow me to congratulate you and your significant other on your impending arrival!  Here are a few things to consider when choosing a newborn photographer.Research:

It's always best to spend some time and read up about your photographer.

-Everything from where are they located?

-Browse through their portfolio

-Does their style appeal to you?

-How far in advance do I need to book?

-There is more to the experience of custom photography than the dollar sign.

While there are more and more photographers to choose from, it's up to us business owners to educate our clients all that we do ( it's not just about clicking the shutter button),the products we sell and that at the end of the day the quality we produce and the experience you receive.  The whole package of custom photography.

There is another HUGE aspect of newborn photography.  It's a rather HOT topic within the photography industry for newborns.  SAFETY!

Your newborn safety is MY #1 priority.  There is no maybe, no I saw a shot that I wanted to replicate if you are cool with?!  I handle ALL my newborn clients with the utmost care ( just as I would my own children)  These tiny little beings who rely on us for everything, also entrust us with common sense!

I highly advise YOU to use your common sense when hiring a Newborn Photographer.  Trust that gut feeling!

Chances are if the shot looks too good to be true it is!  PLEASE....take care with ALL that you do!  Some of the artwork produced by proffessionals that have been in the industry for ages do compose composites. Advise for the newbies to the industry...DO not attempt to do this on your own, please!

Check out this link I read up on earlier today.  It's a compsote shot done and as you can see dad is holding onto baby.  Full props and I agree 100% with everything written in the posting.  The rest is the magic of the photographer both in camera and post processing.

Newborn Safety!


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