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Babyview 3D Prenatel Imaging Pickering: Spotlight on Business

I am proud to announce the next installment of PKP Spotlight on Business!  A very warm welcome goes out to Located in Pickering this wonderful business gives us an insight on what they offer for new parents at this exciting milestone in their lives! 3D Imaging!  



Your Name: Cheryl Gerelus

Your Company: BabyView 3D Prenatal Imaging

Your Website:

Your Email:


 Tell us a bit about yourself and how the idea of BabyView was started? 

I have been performing diagnostic ultrasounds since 1990. The first time I saw a 3D baby photo was 9 years ago and I was stunned! I could not believe that the little black and white fetuses I had been assessing all these years looked so real! I was amazed at how developed the features were, even in babies as young as 23weeks. Suddenly, I no longer thought of them as fetuses but as babies, and I became fascinated with the technology that allowed me to observe them in the womb with such incredible detail.

I remember thinking, if I feel this much joy watching a baby that isn’t even mine,  imagine how it would feel for the parents-to-be! Thus, the reason BabyView was “born”


Why is BabyView so much better than other ultrasound locations?

As with any service industry, it is the people providing the service that distinguishes one like business from another. Essentially, the technology and equipment used to produce 3D images is the same from location to location. It is the friendly, personalized service that BabyView provides to every person that walks in the door that puts BabyView miles ahead of the other locations. My team and I love what we do, we have a lot of fun and we all share in the celebration of the parents and their families and friends. BabyView is not a large franchise where moms are just another scan, as I mentioned before, I consider BabyView an extension of myself and I personally oversee every aspect of it.


What is the best part of your job?

It’s really hard to think of what I do as a job! To me a job implies work and very rarely do I associate words such as joy, happiness and excitement with the idea of work. I usually think of BabyView as my “baby”, it was born of me and it’s very much a part of me, my life and the life of my family. What is the best part of BabyView?  Not only am I able to bring inexplicable joy to expectant parents and the families waiting to welcome  their new little baby, but it also provides me with great satisfaction and fulfillment, it gives me a sense of purpose. I am really proud of BabyView !

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