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Oshawa,Durham Region and Toronto, Maternity and Baby Fine Art Portrait Photographer, Petra King Photography Boutique Studio Blog. Offering a unique portrait experience with custom fresh flowers to adorn your most treasured milestones in life.


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I’m Petra, the Photographer at Petra King’s Studio.

Welcome the the blog! I share recent work, upcoming events and other useful information for parents to be and growing babies. Thanks for being here. I can’t wait for you to browse around!

Been Tagged!

Yup grown ups CAN play tag too :) I've been tagged by an awesome photographer named Cat Dillberg.  HERE is a link to her work!

Okay here's the RULES:

1) Link the person who tagged you. 2) Mention the rules on your blog. 3) Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours. 4) Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them & leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they have been tagged

Quirky Me...

1. I LOVE hot and spicy food. K who am I kidding I just love food. Being married to an AWESOME Chef has helped. Mind you..not so much for my hips ;)

2. When stressed, gimmie some room. 

3. I am a neat freak and NEED to be organized

4. I am driven and passionate with everything I do

5. LOVE reading all my PF ( photography friends ) blogs.

6. Am an extremly light sleeper. I swear I have a sleeping disorder lol.

And for some amazing photographers around the country...some unsuspecting lol :D

Sarah Metz

Michelle Calderon

Brandi Anderson

Deanna Hall

Heather Leggett

Desiree Hayes


Take it away ladies!!!

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