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I’m Petra, the Photographer at Petra King’s Studio.

Welcome the the blog! I share recent work, upcoming events and other useful information for parents to be and growing babies. Thanks for being here. I can’t wait for you to browse around!

Cheap Photography: Toronto & Durham Region Photography

So it's wildly known that the Digital Industry has sky rocketed over the last 5-10 years.  We all know this because "everyone is a photographer right?"  It's an issue that has been beaten with a stick more times than we like to think.  In saying that what goes hand in hand with this fact that there are a ton of cheap photographers out there.  Yes I am probably starting up a controversy  and may even ruffle a few feathers here and you know be it!  Fair enough there are a ton of clients out there that simply do not have the budget for Professional Photography prices, or for whatever reason decide not to book you.  However that being said, it does not mean that they are not entitled to beautiful photographs.  I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for.  In all aspects of business, not just photography. When I started my photography business 8+ years ago bright eyed and gung-ho, I dove right in.  I too was that "cheap photographer" however as I grew with my business and it started to take off, I quickly realized that I needed to raise my prices.  In doing so one may lose a lot of business this way, however if done right and you maintain your customer service and the "experience of custom photography" you will be one of the lucky few who will attract new clients and watch your business grow.  To be able to enjoy what you do instead of being overwhelmed with the workload that your cheap prices have brought in.

While creating this blog post, I came across this awesome post by a very talented man named Zack Arias.  I love this guy...his style of work and his brilliance with blogging.  He posted a great read that hit home with me.  I encourage you to read through his post seen here on Cheap Photographers Only Kill Themselves Not The Industry.

Time to value what you do, your services and your products.  Focus on what matters, focus on the signal and less of the noise...