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do's and don'ts of stealing images from your photographer:: Ajax_Durham Region Petra King Photography

Article courtesy of mom*tog. (Thanks for letting us use your article!)

I get asked a lot by both photographers and clients what my policy is on letting my clients post their images to their blogs and facebook account.  I am more than willing to have clients post their sneak peaks on Facebook or Blogs etc.    It shows me that they truly love their images!  I usually will offer to my clients a few of the sneaks from our session and encourage my clients to use them for their profile.  It is an awesome word of mouth tool and great exposure as well.  Here are a few do’s and don’ts that you should think about when reposting your images:

1)  DO ask your photographer what their specific policy is on taking pictures off of their blogs.  Some photographers encourage it and some don’t allow it.  If this is important to you this is something you should ask BEFORE you hire your photographer!

2)  DO include your photographer’s name and website under the images (a link would be super nice!).  That’s just the polite thing to do :)

3)  DON’T crop out their logo.  Unless you have paid for the digital negatives don’t alter the files in anyway.  Most photographers use their blogs to advertise their work and do so as a courtesy to give their clients a sneak peek.  If a client crops out the logo then how will other people know who took the picture?

4)  DON’T edit the picture in any way.  Taking the pictures is only half of a photographers job.  The other half is editing.  If you think you can do a better job or want to edit out some of your wrinkles or use selective coloring please don’t show and/or tell your photographer.  That is super insulting.  If you don’t like your photographers editing enough to want to edit it yourself than maybe you need to find another photographer next year.

5)  DON’T try to print from the files on the blog.  The images that I upload to my blog are too small to be printed in a 4×6 size.  It’s not cool to invest in a maternity/newborn/family session and then print the images off of the blog and not pay for prints.  Make sure you know how much the prints cost before the session to avoid sticker shock.  Same goes for scanning prints that you already bought.  Not cool!  Same goes for f printing images off of my blog.  It makes me cringe when I see them FRAMED in their homes with my logo still on there!  

*I have been fortunate so far to have clients who are very respectful and thoughtful when reposting my images.  You are all awesome so thank you!

Definately some great points here to think about.  Funny but yes it does happen!  Photographers work very hard at what they do.  We LOVE what we do and are more than happy to share it with other's.  However we need to be paid for our work as well.  Another WONDERFUL  read can be found HERE.

Happy reading!


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