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Goal accomplished! :: Ajax, Durham Region Photographer, Petra King

Way back in March I decided to set a goal for myself.  While I have been active most of my life, I have never ventured into running.  I just didn't "get it" Didn't appeal to me, nor did I want to have anything to do with it.  Unless I was running for ice cream that was ( major weakness lol) comes my goal!  You see my hubby completed the Toronto Marathon last year and I was on cloud nine for him.  He really inspired me to reach out, work hard and you too can do anything. I started training pretty easily.  First started doing the intervals, me, my feet, blasting the tunes on the ipod and loving my app!!!   I over did it often and  injured my knee 3 times since and hated being benched!  I couldn't WAIT to get back out there.  However, 3rd time lucky I guess.  I paced myself ( one can get so frustrated at times) and decided to keep at the pace I was comfortable with.  Then slowly increase.  Well my hard work, and 78K's ( recorded since day 1) later I made it LOL.

Saturday June 12th I completed my 1st 5K run!  I did the Ajax Run The Lake and although it was a lot tougher than I was used to, I managed to kick it up a notch and complete it just about 20 seconds longer than my norm. I was chuffed with myself.  I am used to running on a semi flat surface but the lake was gorgeous ( although stinky due to humidity haaa) and had hills...who knew!  Not like I've lived in Ajax, most of my life!  Funny how you know areas like the back of your hand until the time you are being put to the test ( with yourself) I must have giggled at myself and cursed quite a bit!  Apologies to my fellow runners LOL

So despite this being not a HUGE ordeal to most.  I consider it a BIG accomplishment for myself and yes I am tooting my own horn!  I'm allowed to dammit, I worked hard for this. :D

Here are a few snaps from Saturday morning.

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So who's with me for the next?