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Newborn Session Tip #1 : How to prepare for your session

Having a newborn session is very different from any other portrait session your baby will have.  Photographing a new arrival within the first two weeks of life is nothing shy of amazing.  It also allows me to capture your little one's fleeting moments.  These moments go by in the blink of an eye.  Mom and Dad are sleep deprived, drained but oh so excited.  Your newborn session is scheduled well before baby arrives.  Once this is done, I like to keep in touch with my clients. I generally advise them to keep me posted with things. Most of my clients will call while in the hospital ( or on the way to the hospital) excited and slightly scared. I LOVE this. Some reassuring words and a good luck helps greatly.  The final date and time for a newborn session is made once mom has had baby or JUST home. This way the session is not forgotten or put off until baby is older and the newborn stage unfortunately cannot be re-created. YOU:

It's also VERY important to take care of YOU!  Believe me I've been there. Once baby arrives. ALL your attention and focus is on this new little life and everything else gets put on the back burner. However if you don't take time for you ( yes it can be done) in a short period of time you'll realize just how fast you crash. And it's NOT pretty. Your hormones are a screaming roller coaster mess and you cry at the drop of a hat.  If you are participating in your baby's newborn session then there is nothing wrong with accepting help from family and friends so you can get ready too.  I certainly do not expect ( nor want you to) go all out with pampering JUST for the session. It can be as simple as taking care of your hands, neat, clean trimmed nails, natural makeup ( the way you'd normally wear it) and having your hair brushed. Let's face it, even getting around to brushing our teeth and a trip to the bathroom made you feel a million bucks! :)


All of my newborn sessions are done in studio. I am based out of Ajax and work out of my home. We are a pet free ( minus 2 fish), non-smoking household.  Upon arrival to the studio, should baby be sleeping that's AWESOME ;) Let's leave baby as is until we are ready to get going. I will welcome you into my home studio. Get comfortable, and just relax. I've been so blessed during sessions both mom and dad have caught a few zzz's while entrusting me with their newborn. Love that!  When working with your little one, the best way to photograph them is when they are sleeping. Belly full, warm and dry bottom allows me to create some gorgeous magical photographs for you and your family to adorn. We break for feeds, cuddles and changes so don't worry. We will most likely get a good mix of some of his or her personality.  A newborns eyes are not able to focus yet so very often goes cross eyed.  On special occasions though baby will give awesome eye contact to bring tears to any parent. It goes back to what I've said before. It's WHY I do what I do. Touching the heart!

Lastly as far as clothing for baby. Au naturel is best.  I do add a few props in here and there for you, but our main focus is on our most important subject. Baby.  The wrinkles, folds, squish and fuzzy adorable newness of your baby. A few items that come in handy are extra wipes, outfits to travel in just in case lol, burp cloths, diapers and a soother to calm baby.

Helpful tips such as these and what to expect is awesome!  I love providing as much information as I can to my clients so that come session day. We are informed and ready to go! Stress free and a beautiful experience!

Drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you. Stay tuned for Newborn Session Tip #2!