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Why bother hiring a Professional Photographer?


Afternoon everyone!  How is summer treating you so far?  Having fun with your little ones and kids now that some sunny days are ahead?  We have had a wet and wild summer here in Toronto so far. So today I wanted to chat a little bit about a topic that has been brought to my attention. I've written many times over the years of the the importance of photographs and why they are needed, how they make you feel and the importance of leaving family memories and traditions for your children However today I would like to touch base on the importance of baby photography.

Baby photography, why is it so important?

When was the last time you stopped to "enjoy the moment?" We hear it all the time...time goes by so fast. Especially all you moms and dads out there. That first year of your child's life goes by in the blink of an eye. Wasn't it just a few months ago you brought them home from the hospital? Excited to have baby "finally here" so tired and scared you aren't doing things the right way? Within a few months they are rolling over, sitting up and next you know running all over the house with zero fear.

The first year is full of so many new things, milestones and moments you want to hold onto forever.

Baby photography is an essential key in helping you to remember these incredible moments.

Why use a Professional when I can take my own?

Right? Well...those baby photographs that you have from the first year will be without a doubt the most treasured.

The importance alone is a key reason why having a professional capture some of these memories for you.

Photographers who specialize in baby photography are extensively trained in capturing the most beautiful photographs of your little one.  In addition to this I believe that it is of the utmost importance to have that connection with your little one/s. Not only do I love what I do, I also love getting to know your baby. Playing with them, building that trust in the first few seconds is so important. Getting them to smile makes them feel at ease is important.  Babies read body language and are very sensitive to noise and tone. Being a parent certainly helps in this area too.  Crouching down instead of towering over, speaking softer so that baby gets the vibe that..."hey this is one of mom and dad's friends" it's okay...I am safe.  Touch and sound all come into play and making it a welcoming environment for babies, no matter where you are.

*They are trained in baby safety. First and foremost this must be one of the top reasons when researching for a baby photographer

*Baby photographers know how to use the most flattering light to highlight your babies features

*They know the best angles to share and focus on details

*They will know how to evoke natural emotive photography so that those innocent and pure expressions tug at your heartstrings.

When you have photographs of your baby done, be prepared to be in a few. You are just as important and need to be in front of the camera instead of behind. Over the years to come your baby will want to see mom and dad in those photographs, present in those memories too. They will be able to see how much they are loved and that they are important.  Professional baby photographs will be ones that you proudly display in your home.  You are not just investing in baby photography to capture milestones, but beautiful treasured artwork that will be displayed and loved by your whole family.

What is the best age to photograph babies?

Babies growth is forever changing. So it's important to know roughly the right stages to photograph them at. There is no written rule as to WHEN to have your babies photographs done, however I can let you know that in general and by MY experience that the stages below are typically the norm.

*Newborn: I photograph my newborns within the first 2 weeks of life. Exceptions are always a given, premature, twins, any health complications etc. Mom and dad are in a total haze at this time so it is important to have stunning images to reflect back upon when you catch up on your sleep.

*6 months:  A favorite stage of mine when babies personality really comes out.  Learning new things, rolling over, hands in mouth, finding feet, laughing and clapping.

*1 year: This milestone is as equally important and I love reflecting back with my clients over the last year. Especially when we document that first year in an album and parents are in awe at how fast it went.

So there you have it...just some food for thought. My best piece of advice for new parents is to listen to your gut and your baby. We are bombarded enough with self help tips, books on how to, internet videos and advice from grandma's and friends.  At the end of the day this is just a guideline.  I am ALWAYS here to help you and I cannot wait to document these milestones for you of your child.  Come chat with me when you are ready to start planning your babies upcoming milestone session. It's exciting and I provide your what to expect for an amazing experience.

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