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The Tiny Light Foundation: Newest Tiny Light Caleb.

Earlier this year I was contacted by a wonderful woman named Sharon who was interested in a  Tiny Light Foundation session.  Sharon introduced herself and as we went through the normal procedures and session questions I instantly felt a connection with her.  You see Sharon has an enormous heart and the strength and love that many can only hope for.

She is such an inspiration to me and I am very humbled and blessed to know her and her sweet family. She really has taught ME a lot this year.  For that I am so thankful.

Fast forward to this past summer when Sharon asked me to do a session for her as she said goodbye to her babysitting children.  She was heading into her Mat leave and wanted a reminder of each and every one of them. You may remember it HERE.  We then welcomed her little one with a newborn session just a few months ago.

Our most recent session was that for little Caleb!  Our Tiny Light Member.

Here's Sharon's story:

I've been thinking about how and what to say in this little blurb about the journey Derrick and I have been on. As I'm sure most people would assume, when we first heard about Caleb's diagnosis at our 18 week ultra sound we were in shock and fear. Fear of the unknown and shock that we hadn't created the "perfect" baby. We spent a lot of time praying for our unborn baby and for ourselves. We knew there would be challenges and bumps along the way but we can say with a full and happy heart that Caleb IS our perfect baby. Our faith in God is stronger, and our commitment to raise Caleb in a home that sees no diagnosis, has pushed Caleb to acheive even the smallest milestones with joy. He has and continues to teach our family about real joy. He truly is a boy who wears his heart on his sleeve. He has a real passion for life and love for the people who are close to him. He has been given a gift I believe, to draw people into a world where there are no differences or boundaries. Caleb doesn't know the meaning of either. Life is full speed ahead for him and for this I would never change a single minute of the past four years (and many more to come) even with the challenges and bumps along the way.

When we then heard about Graces heart condition, again at our 18 week ultrasound, we went through the same list of emotions as we had with Caleb. Shock and fear. Again, we spent much time praying for our little girl and held on to hope that in this case surgery would help. Our little Grace spent 31 days at Sick Kids hospital fighting to get bigger and stronger to be able to endure surgery that would repair some of the heart defects. In that time we grew stronger as a family (including our extended family) and really felt how close God holds us in his arms especially in the hard times. We were able to hear her voice only once when she was born as she let out a big cry. We prayed that we would be able to see her eyes and even through the heavy sedation and medication, she opened her eyes for us a few times. We also prayed that we would be able to hold our little girl who was hooked up to many IV's and monitoring devices and that prayer was answered also. Our final prayer, while holding her during her final minutes on life support, was that God would take her quickly and peacefully to meet Him in heaven. And this prayer I know in my heart was answered. Even through the tears and pain of telling the doctors when to turn off the life support, there was a moment when our spirits felt pure joy and peace. That was the moment when we knew she was safe in her forever home in heaven. It hasn't always been easy and there have been many tear shed, but the thrill of knowing we will see her again one day, is a comfort that gets us through those times.
As we begin the crazy holiday season, I pray that people take some time to look around themselves in their day to day lives and be thankful for what this time of year is really all about. I have said it in many emails to you Petra, but I am so thankful and grateful that you selflessly gave your time and amazing talent to to such an incredible foundation. You have really blessed our family and I pray you will somehow be blessed beyond measure.

Forever in your hearts...


Sharon, Derrick thank you for showing us just what LOVE and family is all about.  I wish you  TONS of fun on your trip this coming week and hope you relax and enjoy every minute of it.

You deserve it!