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I’m Petra, the Photographer at Petra King’s Studio.

Welcome the the blog! I share recent work, upcoming events and other useful information for parents to be and growing babies. Thanks for being here. I can’t wait for you to browse around!

Working from home

Hi!  How are you? seriously... how are you doing?  Lol...insert sighs and or groans of frustration here.  I know that as I start to blog about this topic I have an army of mom's and dad's behind me chomping at the bit to add their tidbits and or rants in as well.  This next one that goes out to all those who work from home. Moms, Dads, CEO's, The Boss, Head Honcho you name it.  Whoever you are, whatever you call yourself, first of all THANK YOU for all you do. Working from home is so challenging on a daily basis isn't it?   Not to say that working outside the home isn't. I get it. Believe me! I have been on both sides.  However, as a parent who works full time on the home front and is there for the kids there is a certain level of balancing that comes into play.  I am not a pro at juggling, but I have managed to keep all the balls in the air so far. Yes a few stumbles but hey...I am only human.  Since we all have different work ethics and schedules we all realize that keeping the kids entertained, happy and fed takes away from you and the business you love. It is very tough especially if you don't have a sitter to rely on let alone the money to do so on a weekly basis.  Yes summer camp is great but it is short lived too. If you ave friends and family to help out through your work week, well AMEN to that!

On the flipside...if you have young children that need constant attention AMEN to you!  When do you find time to work?  How the HECK do you make it work?  Nap times? When your significant other comes in from work and you do a trade off? Maybe Grandma comes over to help keep them entertained. Or maybe you burn the midnight oil to clear a few things off your plate (was there for years too early on with business) Or are you single that case. You are Saints!  LOL Nonetheless it is very stressful.

My children are preteens and although they are independent to some degree summer days are still somewhat chaotic.  Between hang outs, snacking, chauffeur, sibling rivalry and random annoying questions they ask when they KNOW the answer already. Yep...I'm eye rolling on that one lol.  So where does this leave me?  Somewhere in between haaa.  I am a planner. I have OCD and everything has to be just so for me to tunnel in. So... that usually means wake ups between 5-6am. Quick workout and then tidy of house or throw a load of laundry in, wash dishes, wipe crumbs off counter and floor (dirty floors are a pet peeve of mine) Then...I start my day. Bright and early and water in hand. Do my days always start like this? Haaa NOPE. But that said we can only do our best right?  Planning ahead at times doesn't come that easy as a business owner. I'm not going to lie, we all get into funks, we ride the ebb and flow with business levels but this is when your right brain kicks in. Constantly pushing myself and move in the direction towards my goals.

Here are a few things that help me to keep motivated:

  1. Make a list. I am a pen and paper girl. I need to see things visibly in front of me.(my chicken scratch is on the other side of that notebook above)

  2. Have your goals in sight. Make a vision board or use Pinterest to keep your motivated.

  3. Set apps up on your phone for daily tasks. I like to use Asana Project Management I use the free version and allows you to set your own due dates for your tasks. Also helps with reminders for breaking your day into manageable pockets of time

  4. Get up and take a break. Step away from your computer, remember to eat. Your brain needs food too and don't forget to hydrate.

  5. Learn to not be so hard on yourself. Being self driven pushes you mentally and physically. Learn to self discipline and find a "balance" that works for you!

These are 5 of the things I do however I have teamed up with another local business who I would like to introduce to you.  Meet Melinda from Picks and Giggles.  Melinda is a busy mama and Event Planner for a semi annual Mom Tradeshow/Handmade Events that runs locally here in Durham Region.   She has a few adorable little ones and how she manages to get it done through the week. Here are a few words to how she gets things done.

  1. Nap time is a blessing.

  2. Scheduling far ahead for family time and work time

  3. Be passionate about what you do-passion leads to success

  4. just kidding

  5. Ask for help if needed, I often use my parents as an extra set of hands so I can have that balance of spending quality time with the kids in the day, then after dinner-head out to Starbucks to get some quiet work time in.

Great advice Melinda, that you so much for taking the time to contribute.  Remember its all about a balance and sometimes you figure it out sometimes you don't. Know that it is ok..just keep going and do your best. One day it will all come together.  You will find your rhythm and be motivated to push yourself harder.  Rally yourself around like minded business owners who are in the same boat as you. It helps to vent, laugh, celebrate the wins and be there in times of need.

Distance between your dreams and reality is called action...

You can do it!

P xo