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I’m Petra, the Photographer at Petra King’s Studio.

Welcome the the blog! I share recent work, upcoming events and other useful information for parents to be and growing babies. Thanks for being here. I can’t wait for you to browse around!

5 Tips to help plan for your business: Oshawa_Durham Region_Branding_Photographer_Petra_King_Photography

Hello and good day to you!
I do hope that this post finds all of you well and in good spirits?

I decided to blog this next topic vs posting on Instagram as there was much more to be said on this platform. Don’t worry I will link it back over for you just in case you miss this here.

Planning for your business especially when it comes to content and what to share is something that we all struggle with at times. We brainstorm, have mastermind sessions and meetings with others to inspire us. I mean some days the posts and content just come naturally. Other’s not so much.

Below are some tips and a FREEBIE at the end of the post so hopefully it can help ease your workflow a little better too

Planning ahead of time means that your content will be consistent and valuable. Plus you’ll be able to see what’s needing the most attention at that time and how to schedule more time for other tasks. Thus relieving yourself of the stress and panic that comes with what to talk about and share/post. Remember value added over posting content just for the sake of posting is key.

Here are 5 tips that can help:

  1. Make sure your blog posts are your 1st priority. Blogging has certainly make a comeback and is crucial for businesses these days. Its important to have a home base or hub where clients can turn to so they can hear your voice, see your work in more details and of course it’s awesome for SEO. You can always drive your traffic over to your social media platforms and vice versa.

  2. I mentioned earlier about posting quality over quantity. Please note that you do NOT need to be pushing out one post per day to be successful or to bee seen. Rather, it’s better to start off slowly and with dense quality content that will actually be beneficial to both your client and customers.

  3. Consistency. Are you sick of hearing about this word yet? It is ok! You will get used to it and soon enough things will become second nature. Build that “know, like,trust” factor. Try to put your content out the same time weekly. This will help your audience relate to you, become familiar with you and you will become a reliable source for them. Do your best. But I get it…life happens and we all fall short some days.

  4. Batching your day. Love it? Hate it? Prefer to multitask like you work on Wall St? By working in chunks of time if you can. for me, this has been the best way to prioritize my business to do list. You can always set aside specific days for certain tasks ie: blogging days, social media/scheduling days, editing days, production days etc etc…. If you can’t do a whole day due to interruptions or life in general, then do 1/2 a day. By divvying up the work load into batches of similar tasks we can spend less time as possible on things and reduce the ping pong effect of going from task to task.

  5. Recycle your content. The brilliant thing about Social Media is that not everyone will be able to see you content at the same time on all of your platforms. It’s just not possible to hit everyones feed with just with just one platform. So…recycle. Use content you posted months ago on one and share to another platform. This way you’ll also be seeing things fresh and reaching all your new followers who have jus joined you too!

Bonus…you won’t have to reinvent the wheel with content for each post too! Pretty sweet right?


As mentioned here is a content planning FREEBIE that will hopefully help you to plan your content and be better organized to schedule your content. These are just examples but feel free to customize them on your own!

Till next time,